Thursday, October 7, 2010

My day 10/7/10

I promise to start blogging more. This is a promise to myself. It helps alleviate stress for me and it gets me writing which is what is exciting for me.\

Tonight I am being boring and sharing what is going on in my life.

First thing is that I am addicted to the show Man vs. Food on the Travel channel. He is crazy on that show.This guy named Adam comes in and eats these ridiculously amazing foods. For instance, I watched an episode where he had to eat 6 huge steaks on a bed of French fries and mushroom chili sauce. He didn't finish it all, but he tried. Many of the challenges he wins, but some he loses. Tonight he lost to a 9 pound breakfast burrito. It is a very entertaining show, and I enjoy it. I just wonder who thinks of these gargantuan items of food to eat. They are massive. I wonder how he is not a million pounds by now. He's going to die of a heart attack or something.

Then secondly, I am frustrated because they found a 'benign hemangioma' in my back. It's a small little benign tumor, but I don't know if it's something I should worry about or not. I think I worry too much, but It's my body and it's still scary. I had an MRI done, but I can't understand the report because a lot of it is written in doctor's jargon. I say that to say this...there is no use worrying about tomorrow because the Bible says be anxious for nothing. I have to keep that in my mind. I can't worry about things because it does NO good for me. i do wish doctors would put themselves in their patient's position once in a while and I think the'd be kinder, gentler and a whole lot more concerned.

Thirdly, I finished a really good book tonight called "The Boleyn Inheritance." It was fabulously written and I just loved every bit of it. I must find another book to suit my fancy. I am fascinated with King Henry V(((. He was a fascinating man alright. He killed two of his wives. The story was so good. It was part fiction and partly true. I loved it.

So that's today in a nutshell. I also had to wait at the doctors office for 3 hours to get on an antibiotic so I don't get pneumonia. So that was okay because it helped me read my book. I'm so glad I've finished it. I feel alone now and I must find a new book to satisfy me.

I hope my life isn't too boring. I just thought I'd share my activities of the day. Hope yours was as good as mine.